About St. & St. / CV

St. & St. is the name of the artist team Stephanie Gerner and Stephan Halter and was founded in 2009. Both were born in 1977 in Germany and are living and working in Berlin. In their work St. & St. explore hierarchic and bureaucratic systems and standardization as well as stereotypical thinking that are all based on communication or the lack of it. 
For that reason they don´t confine themselves to a certain technique or media and always integrate the location as part of their work. In their videos and installations St. & St. often use punched dots and shredded files as a symbol to question the transfer and transformation of information in our society.


02-05/ 2017: autogestión / "should the world break in II - the anatomy of man 2017" by museumMAN, foundacio joan miro, barcelona, spain

06/2016: the throwing aspect, groupshow at kreuzberg pavillon, berlin
01/2016: aporia, st.&st. + nobushige kono , r. raum für drastische maßnahmen, berlin friedrichshain

08/2015: at short notice, soloshow, stattberlin, berlin
03/2015: exhibit!, groupshow curated by delphine marinier, glogauAIR, berlin
03/2014: more than a million, groupshow curated by off (delphine marinier - peter krilles), glogauAIR berlin
06/2012: entaktet euch!, soloshow and happening at stattberlin, berlin
04/2012: my name is..., a project curated by lan hungh, stattberlin, berlin

06/2011: mailto, mail art show curated by jeff thompson, drift station gallery, lincoln, nebraska/usa
06/2011: out of mythology to methodology, mail art show curated by shalva kobaladze, gallery of literature museum, tbilisi/georgia 
02/2011: intimate bureaucracies: art and the mail, art exchange, university of essex, wivenhoe park, colchester/uk
01/2011: pixelate me, group-project, an official satellite partner of transmediale.11 and DAS weekend, aquabitart gallery, berlin 
01/2011: troyart international exhibition, curated by angela ferrara, mube - museo brasiliero da escultura, sao paulo, brazil
11/2010: file me - part of the group project touch me - aquabitart gallery, berlin
11/2010: the endless bridge retrieved, screening event curated by leo kuelbs and adam nankervis, z-bar, berlin
10/2010: zero blank eye candy, groupshow - screening project with berlin based artists curated by st. & st. - laurie´s center, liverpool/uk
09/2010: the endless bridge, screening event curated by leo kuelbs and adam nankervis, dumbo artfestival, new york
09/2010: industrial 59 at kamvolny kombinat (2 novinskaya street) during the 1st ural industrial biennial in ekaterinburg/russia
06/2010: wander and stay, special screening night curated by lan hungh, aquabitart gallery, berlin
04/2010: glow , film event curated by adam nankervis, leo kuelbs, gillian morris, z-bar, berlin
03/2010: mail, groupshow, kantine, berlin

11/2009: st.&st. file # 1 feat. james edmonds, the foundry, london, uk

Private and public collections:

MUBE - Museo Brasiliero da Escultura, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Museum Man, Berlin